People are freaking out over what the Teletubbies sun looks like now

we love 24/07/2019

A photo of what the old Teletubbies sun looks like now has gone viral online.

It's been 20 years since Jessica Smith first appeared on the popular kids TV show, so times have definitely changed for her!

After seeing the 'then & now' pics, one person joked it "made me feel 800 years old."



Initially people thought the baby Jessica was holding was hers. But in actual fact, it's the new baby who will be taking over as the sun on the show!

"Having met baby Berry and seeing how adorable she is I can't think of anyone better to take over the role," Jessica said.

The Teletubbies have clearly played a huge part in Jessica's life - it's so nice to see she's still involved with the show in some way.