Ricky Gervais gives an update on season 2 of his hit Netflix show 'After Life'

goss 23/07/2019

Ricky Gervais' Netflix show 'After Life' has been one of the biggest TV shows of year. After the huge success, the British comic has got to work on season 2!

In a post on his Instagram he revealed that there is a script for season 2 and he will begin work on it very soon.

"I start preproduction on #AfterLife2 next week and film it in September and October."

Based on those timelines we can probably expect to see the show early next year.

Back in march, Ricky spoke about the posibility of the series continuing past the one season as it was originally intended.

"Now I've thought about it, and I really would like to do a second series because I fell in love with the characters and I've got an idea of where it can go.

"The second series is always better. Usually because you know the actors.

"There's a little clue at the end of series one when he says, 'I'm just going to use my superpower for good'. He can still be an a**hole, and just enjoy it more."

We can't wait to watch this one!

Source: LadBible