Robbie Magasiva opens up about the passing of his brother Pua

NZ 09/07/2019

Robbie Magasiva has opened up about the death of his brother Pua, saying he tried to help him before he died.

In May, Pua, the 38-year-old actor well-known for his roles on Shortland StreetSione's Wedding and Power Rangers, was found dead in unsuspicious circumstances in Wellington.

Robbie, who plays Will Jackson in Wentworth, told Woman's Day he could see that his younger brother was struggling but his suggestion for him to seek help was turned away.

"When I was in Melbourne, I had reached out and said I was worried about him. I could foresee the fall. I'd suggested a counsellor, but he didn't want to hear it."

Robbie also recounted the harrowing phone call he had to make to his parents, to tell them of the death of their son.

"That wasn't a good phone call. When Dad answered, he was all chipper, and then I had to tell him and he started wailing.

"I'd never heard that before. In the background, I could hear Mum yelling, 'What's wrong, what's wrong?' And he had to tell her."

In June, Robbie shared an image of a tattoo of island flowers he received in honour of Pua, posted with the hashtag "#missyoupoos".

Robbie told Woman's Day that his whole family are going through a tough grieving process.

"To be honest, life will never be the same for us," he told Woman's Day.

"Everyone is coping differently, but we are all grieving."

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