Viral video shows chaos as turbulence hits flight in to Auckland

NZ 16/07/2019

Video posted to social media shows the havoc turbulence can wreak on a flight.

In the video, the cabin of an Emirates A380 is left strewn with broken glasses and bottles as the result of "severe turbulence".

The flight was travelling from Auckland to Dubai last week when it encountered turbulence about three hours before it was scheduled to land.

"Unfortunately a few passengers and crew suffered minor injuries during this incident," an Emirates spokesperson told NZME.

"First aid was administered and medical assistance arranged for those who needed it on arrival."

The spokesperson said safety and wellbeing of Emirates' passengers and crew is a top priority for the airline.

Seref Sezgin shared the video on Twitter, saying it serves as a warning to always be safe while travelling.

"Dangers to crew and passenger alike but little excuse for passengers to not keep buckled up at all times. You don't undo the seatbelt in a car do you?"