A 'Home Alone' reboot has been confirmed by Disney

goss 07/08/2019

Disney CEO Bob Iger announced at a recent presentation that the iconic 'Home Alone' movie series will be getting 'reimagined'.

The original film came out in 1990 and starred Macaulay Culkin - many fans still watch the movie every year when Christmas rolls around!

It's not the only film series to get a new lease on life however, Iger said that Home Alone,' 'Cheaper by the Dozen,' 'Night at the Museum' and 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid' would all be "reimagined for a new generation" on Disney's new streaming service Disney+, at some point after it launches later this year.

While some fans were excited to hear the news, others pleaded Disney to "stop ruining originals".

So while it doesn't sound like we'll be able to watch the reboots in cinemas - it'll still be interesting to see how they pan out!

Watch Maccaulay Culkin reenact scenes from Home Alone in video below...