Barrett brothers share the heartwarming story of their sister with Down syndrome

NZ 12/08/2019

Like so many All Blacks fans, Zara is keen to get their attention after the game. And she does get special attention - because Beauden Barrett is her big brother.

Zara, or 'Zars' as she's called, is 16 years old. She's fun, she's kind - and she also has Down syndrome.

But she doesn't know she is any different, she just "loves life" - and loves her brothers.

Her mum Robyn and dad 'Smiley' have eight kids. There are five brothers: Beaudy, Scotty, Jordie, Kane and Blake. With Beauden, Scott and Jordie all in the All Blacks, the rugby story is well known.

But now the Barretts are opening up about Zara to raise awareness of Down syndrome. It's a genetic condition that happens to one baby in every 1000 born in New Zealand - and it is never anybody's fault.

"People with Down syndrome need to feel loved and included," Beauden says.

"She's so awesome and we love that about her. She calls it how she sees it and she appreciates the simple things in life."

Read the full story from Patrick Gower over at Newshub, or check out the video above.