Disney teases beautiful proposal and more in epic Frozen 2 sneak peek

goss 29/08/2019

At the latest Disney expo held in the US, the cast and crew of the highly-anticipated Frozen 2 took the stage to give fans more of an insight into what we can expect in the Frozen sequel.

In their presentaion we learned that Frozen and Frozen II will work together to form one complete story, answering important questions like: Why does Elsa have powers? Why was Anna born without powers? And where were King Agnarr and Queen Iduna going when their ship went down?

The film will begin with a prologue, giving important backstory to the original and briefly resurrecting Anna and Elsa's parents on screen.

Footage from the film's first act revealed two critical plot points: (1) A mysterious force driving Elsa and Anna to save Arendelle once again, and (2) The promise of a marriage proposal from Kristoff.

In the clip, Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven are seen playing a friendly game of charades - which Olaf's shapeshifting powers make him unreasonably and hilariously good at.

During the game, Elsa suddenly hears a mysterious voice calling out to her. It's a voice she's heard before, and causes her to abruptly leave the room. Olaf and Sven soon wander off to bed too, but Anna decides to check in on her sister - not realising that, in the moment of privacy, Kristoff had gotten down on one knee.