Ed Sheeran cheekily shuts down rumours his 'break' is really a retirement

goss 30/08/2019

When Ed Sheeran announced he was taking a break from music, rumours started swirling online about the 'real reason' for Ed's 18 month departure from music.

Some speculated it was a full on retirement, to start a family or to deal with a few plagarism charges recently laid against him.

But now Ed has taken to his Instagram to share the truth in his own cheeky way...

"I'm not bloody retiring," the star wrote.

"Press are being over dramatic. I'm having 18 months off to make another album and hang out with my cats."

During the final concert of his Divide tour, Ed described his upcoming break as 'bittersweet'.

"I was told before I came on that, now, at the end of this tour, I've played to nine million people around the world," he added. "It is the biggest tour ever."

"It kind of feels like, in a weird way, that you're breaking up with a girlfriend that you've been with for years," Ed confessed. "It sounds odd but it has been a long tour."

Even though we have to wait a while, we can't wait to hear Ed's new music!