Meet the brides and grooms of Married at First Sight NZ season 3

goss 25/08/2019

Married at First Sight NZ is almost back on our screens for it's third seaso - So lets meet this year's brides and grooms...

Carmen Stimpson age 25.

Having been single for three years, brunette beauty Carmen knows what makes her happy and she is now ready to share her life with someone else.

Described by friends as weird, funny, a bit crazy, but ultimately loving, Carmen is a woman who always looks for the positives in situations. Her ideal partner would be someone who is honest, loyal, fun, and up for exploring and spontaneous road trips.

Victoria Fuller age 27

South African-born Vicky is an adventurous spirit who has returned from travelling and is now working as a Primary School Teacher.

Vicky is looking for someone with humour, honesty and good family values, while arrogance is a major turn off. At the end of the aisle she envisions someone tall and broad, and she 100% believes in love at first sight. 

Aimee Collins age 34.

Hailing from Hamilton but now living in Auckland, risk-taker Aimee is an accomplished Sales Manager and Business Owner who is always on the go. 

She believes in lust at first sight but is hoping her marriage will go beyond that and become something that could last forever. She enjoys hanging out with friends and their kids, who would describe her as kind, fun, ambitious and generous.

Rosemary Cruickshank age 45

Self-employed Eyelash Extension Stylist Rose is a proud mother of three daughters and keen reality TV fan - listing her favourite shows as MAFS, The Block and The Bachelor/Bachelorette.

She would be described by friends as gentle, softly spoken, kind and genuine with a firm belief in love at first sight. After three unsuccessful marriages, Rose is putting all her faith in the opinion of the experts in order to find that special someone she can settle down with

Anna Saxton age 25

Fearless Anna lives between her hometown of Cambridge and the bustling city of Los Angeles. The Singer/Songwriter has performed at The Belasco Theatre in downtown L.A. and states that her biggest regret was staying in an unhappy relationship.

As well as expressing herself through her music Anna has a bold and unique sense of style - erring on the side of outrageous and adventurous.

Christopher Wilson age 55

Silver fox Christopher grew up in Nelson and counts the Nelson Lakes as his favourite place in the world - so his future spouse can expect some romantic dates on its shores. 

The Creative Director now lives in Auckland and it was his children who actually signed him up to MAFS NZ! A keen adventurer who enjoys mounting biking, camping, paddle boarding and runs with his dog, Christopher’s biggest fear in life is failing

Jonathan Trenberth age 31

Tauranga-born Jonathan grew up in Christchurch but now considers Auckland home. Known as Jono to his friends, they would describe him as a bit of a dork who is friendly and very charming. 

The Marketing & Communications Manager notes he is a bit of a clown and can juggle, walk on stilts and eat fire - all of which he learnt during his time working for an entertainment company. Happy-go-lucky Jonathan is looking for someone who is warm, funny, kind, confident and smart.

Stefaan Nes age 26.

Stefaan is a Pool Technician originally from Palmerston North but has relocated Auckland. Not one to dwell on regrets, the 26-year-old boasts that buying a $25,000 jet ski is amongst his proudest achievements.

The self-described daredevil hasn’t had the best luck with dates, admitting that his most embarrassing moment was when he decided to strip and jump into a freezing water hole while hiking, only for his date to run off with his clothes! 

James Hardy age 29.

James is a 29-year-old Telecommunications Technician who lives in Christchurch. The jet-setter once worked for Queen Elizabeth II when he was living overseas and cites his biggest regret as returning to NZ from Europe.

The South Islander doesn’t believe in love at first sight but does believe in a potential connection, which he hopes will develop into something more. James can cook and if he was trying to impress his significant other he would ask for their favourite meal or make them his signature Mexican style dishes. 

Raymond Wedlake age 31.

At 31 and still unlucky in love, Christchurch man Ray wants experts to take control of his love life and find him his perfect match. 

Ray doesn’t want anyone judgemental or rude, and needs to be able to have a good time with his partner - who also needs to be able to handle more serious conversations. Ray would opt for Uber Eats to provide dinner rather than cook, while his mates would say he is down to earth, fun, loyal and generous.

Chris Mansfield age 39.

Described as a modern day Peter Pan by friends, Auckland-based Brand Ambassador Chris grew up in Christchurch and is looking for someone to share his bustling life with. 

A man with plenty of mates and an active social life, Chris is looking for a best friend who he can be his complete self with - someone who is confident, comfortable, independent and is always up for a laugh. He’s after “a smile that lights up the room with eyes you get lost in.” 

Jordan Dare age 26

Jordan is your down to earth bloke from Foxton, near Palmy, who has been in love before and is ready to jump at the chance to find it again. 

In his spare time Jordan likes to race cars - even travelling to the UK during filming to compete in the briSCA F1 stock cars in September. Until his 21st he proudly sported what could be described as one of New Zealand’s most epic mullets. 

We don't have much longer to wait before we can properly meet our brides and grooms, Married at First Sight NZ premieres soon on Three!

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