New Zealand City makes the list for 'Friendliest cities in the world'

goss 20/08/2019

Big7 Travel have released a list of the 50 friendliest cities in the world and only one NZ city makes the list!

Out of the 50 cities, Christchurch is ranked as the 7th friendliest in the world.

"Christchurch is a testament to New Zealand, with locals who have a resilient and positive attitude and friendly Kiwi charm." the website says.

"Their openheartedness towards strangers makes the city such a beautiful place to visit. You’ll be instantly welcomed with a smile and be a lifetime fan of NZ."

How awesome is it to have a Kiwi city make the list!? You can check out the top ten cities below...

10th. Glasgow, Scotland

9th. São Paulo, Brazil

8th. Nashville, Tennessee, USA

7th. Christchurch, New Zealand

6th. Dublin, Ireland

5th. Hamburg, Germany

4th. Taipei, Taiwan

3rd. Bruges, Belgium

2nd. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

1st. Vancouver, Canada

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