Caramilk chocolate is officially returning to Kiwi stores

goss 23/09/2019

After weeks of rumours, Cadbury have officially announced that the much loved Caramilk chocolate is making a return to Kiwi shelves!

“It’s the fans who are responsible for bringing Caramilk back, which is why we’re so excited about this launch." a spokesperson for Cadbury said.

"We know there has been speculation and anticipation in recent weeks, and we’re thrilled that the countdown is over and Caramilk is being reunited with its most loyal fans!"

A block of the chocolate will cost you $3.60 and will be available in stores from next Monday.

Last time Caramilk was in stores it sold out pretty quickly, forcing many people to buy the chocolate online for as much $50 a block. Thankfully the chocolate is here to stay this time though!