Dwayne Johnson shares heartwarming story about his daughter's role at his wedding

goss 05/09/2019

Back in August, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson tied the knot to his long term partner in a secret wedding in Hawaii.A few weeks later the star has shared a heartwarming message about his daughter's role on his special day and how he managed to turn it into a valuable life lesson.

"In her excitement & joy of being flower girl, Jazzy took a spill while walking down the aisle and all the petals fell outta the basket." he wrote on Instagram.

"She didn’t cry, and without hesitation she started picking them up and putting them back in the basket. This moment was a cool & critical (and beautiful) microcosm for a much bigger thing in her life - you will stumble and fall. We all do."

"But be accountable, get back up, dust yourself off, laugh and keep on going down the road. Proud of my lil’ girl’s instincts. And after I helped her here get back on her feet, 30min later I gave the biggest, sugariest piece of wedding cake - cos that’s what loving and responsible fathers do. Turn our children into sugar tornadoes."

Many people have praised the star for his honest parenting post, with one calling it "a beautiful moment between daughter and father."