Gordon Ramsay fans point out his newborn has inherited his dad's grumpiness

goss 04/09/2019

Gordon Ramsay's social media followers have been very quick to point out the similarities between the celebrity chef and his newborn son Oscar.

Gordon uploaded a photo of baby Oscar getting his first haircut... But the expression on his face is reminding many of Gordon's grumpy nature.

"Not happy having my first hair cut..." the Instagram caption read.

Known for his outbursts on TV, many commented that it seems Oscar has inherited his dad's grumpiness!


Another follower took inspiration from Gordon's critiques and wrote "He's like, 'You call that a hair cut? Pathetic!'"

"You can already seem him critiquing the undercooked chicken," joked someone else.

"That facial expression looks familiar..." pointed out another.

Only time will tell if Oscar really grows up to be as grumpy as his famous dad!