Handmaid's Tale's Aunt Lydia responds to her characters actions in the sequel

goss 20/09/2019

The Handmaid's Tale is one of the most popular TV shows out at the moment. It's so popular that Margaret Atwood, who wrote the book on which the show is based, has written a sequel to answer fans' biggest questions.

The sequel novel 'The Testaments' is out now and proving to be a hit. The book explores the lives of some new characters but also revisits one well known character from the show... Aunt Lydia.

Ann Dowd, the actress who plays Aunt Lydia, has spoken out about her characters role in the new book. 

Spoilers for The Testaments follow...

"I was thrilled — let's get real on that — by what Aunt Lydia does and how she does it, her understanding of Gilead to its core and what will bring it down," the actress told The Hollywood Reporter.

"What surprised me — and didn't — is how [Aunt Lydia] got involved in Gilead in the first place. When you play a role such as Lydia in The Handmaid's Tale, you search for a human connection that somehow explains why she would make the choices she makes," 

"Now, you read The Testaments, and [see that] Lydia, being a family court judge, realised really quickly, 'If I want to live and survive this world, this is what you have to do. Not only am I going to do it, I'm going to do it better than anybody so I'm going to be ruling the other Aunts'."

In the book Aunt Lydia tries to bring down Gilead, a decision that Ann thinks comes down to her character aging.

"I would guess that as she aged, [she thought], 'OK, I’m getting older, and look at this amount of criminal behaviour, c'mon. That's not what you all [Gilead's leaders] talked about in the beginning'. I just think she realised, 'OK, let’s put a stop to this'."

It's been rumoured that The Testaments will be turned into a TV show, something that Ann said she'd be keen to be a part of.

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