Jessica Simpson has the most hilarious comeback to a mum-shamer on her Instagram

goss 05/09/2019

If you love following celebrities like Pink and Amy Schumer who are well-known for being very honest about mum life, then you need to add Jessica Simpson to your following list too!

The singer-and-actress-turned-fulltime-mum loves sharing her insight to motherhood, and often gets real about it (including the time she was so heavily pregnant that she broke the toilet seat when she sat down!) and just how swollen her ankle got while carrying her baby.

In amongst her hilarious posts shedding light on what it is really like to be a mum, Jess Simpson often posts cute photos of herself with her kids.

Her most recent post shows her looking beachy, while holding her 5-month-old Birdie.

A random guy, decided not to focus on the gorgeous mother-daughter moment happening in the picture, and instead decided to comment pointing out that Jessica Simpson almost had a nipslip.

But, Jess had the best comeback! She responded with:

Followers of Jessica Simpson quickly flocked to like her comeback, and praise her with many calling her the "clapback queen".