Jonas Brothers surprise sick fan who wasn't able to make their concert

goss 03/09/2019

The Jonas Brothers have gone viral after making a sick fan's day.

Lily was meant to attend one of their concerts in the US, but unfortunately due to her cancer treatment she was unable to go.

She made a plea on her Instagram hoping Kevin, Nick and Joe would show up at her hospital room while they were in her town.

"I was supposed to be at your Hersey concert tomorrow but instead I’m across the street doing chemotherapy. If y’all wanted to pop in I’ll give you my room." she wrote.

Amazingly, the Jonas Brothers caught wind of her message and popped in to say hello!

How amazing is that!? Judging by her reaction, it clearly meant the world to her.

But it doesn't stop there, the boys even dedicated a song to her at their concert!

In a follow up Instagram post, Lily thanked those who spread her message and the brothers themselves.

"Wow. The power of social media you guys. YOU did this. YOU made my crappy chemo session into something incredibly special and unforgettable. Thank you, thank you, thank you Jonas Brothers for taking time out of your day to come pay me a visit. Literally made my life."