Kids' sport should be 'less about winning' say NZ sporting experts

NZ 03/09/2019

Sport NZ, NZ Cricket, NZ Football, Hockey NZ, Netball NZ and NZ Rugby have come out together to try and change the way we perceive kids' sports.

The groups want to shift the attitude of sport 'being about winning' to one of 'giving everything a go'.

“We’re taking a stand to bring the fun and development focus back to sport for all young people,” Sport NZ CEO Peter Miskimmin said in a statement.

“This includes pushing back against early specialisation, over-emphasis on winning and other factors that are driving young New Zealanders away from sport. Sporting organisations are aware of the problem and some are already making changes, but more is required and the six of us are stepping up to say we will lead the way.”

“Sport isn’t simply about the elite and aspirational or, for that matter, the winners,” he adds. “It remains as relevant to amateur, lower-grade and social participants as it does to the professionals.

“With respect to our international champions, the best part of New Zealand sport is still the sight of the thousands of Kiwi kids of all abilities who every weekend take to the fields and courts throughout the country to have fun.”

The announcement has been met with mixed response. Many have praised the move but others have called it 'PC gone mad'.

Do you think this emphasis on sport being about involvement is a good thing or not?