Mum saves Xmas money by offering kids a year of adventures instead

we love 27/09/2019

We all know Christmas can be an expensive time - especially if you've got little ones who want all the latest toys that are going to end up covered in dust in a few months time. 

So mum-of-two Hayley Parker, 34, decided to do something a little different for her kids last Christmas to save money. She decided to give them the gift of time insted, with the hope of teaching them that time spent together is more valuable than material items.

Hayley and her husband Barney surprised their kids Daisy, 8, and Freddie, 4, with a letter explaining their plan last Christmas:

"As I was thinking of what to get the children last year I felt that they already had plenty of toys and couldn't think of what we should get them," explained Hayley.

"I just knew I wanted to create lovely memories for our family and it has been fabulous and it gives the kids something to look forward to each month. It's the gift that keeps on giving,"

"After each outing I create a little photo montage so we can see all we have done together. The beauty of this is that it is actually things we would have done anyway, but it makes more of an event of it and makes up appreciate it,"

"You could make your gifts as cheap or expensive as you like, I'll try and do free things when I know money will be tight - like after Christmas or our summer holiday,"

"I even timed one of our trips for when we were in Cornwall this year. The kids have loved it so much that this year Daisy has asked for it again and that's a win in my book. I have been thinking all year of the things I would like to include for next year."

"I am organised - it's the best way to save money - but it could even be done by someone less organised by putting ideas into the envelope when the time comes."

Some of the activities the family have been spending more quality time doing are going on an autumn welly walk, watching a sunset at Lands End and having games and movies nights with pizza.

What a fun idea!