Spice Girl Mel C shares why she refuses to talk about diets in front of her daughter

goss 01/10/2019

Mel C has shared why she refuses to let anyone talk about diets in her household. The Spice Girl made the call to try and teach her daughter about body positivity.

"I didn't ever allow people to speak about diets in our house." she told Woman's Health.

"Scarlet's 10 years old now and I'm starting to notice that she's more conscious of the way she looks, but I think one of the positives of having gone through having an eating disorder is that I'm very conscious of how I speak around her."

"That positive language – it's habit now."

Mel C also spoke about how becoming a mum has influenced her own body image.

"I was already on a much more positive road with my body, but after making a baby and her coming out, it just made me really credit myself and just think, "wow"... As women, we put ourselves down so much, and yet we're capable of so much."

"I've stopped trying to compare myself, and that's a really important thing to do as a woman, especially when it comes to body image."

We think its great that Mel C is taking some practical steps in her household to help send a message to her daughter about body positivity!