The winners of 2019's The Block NZ: Firehouse have been crowned!

goss 08/09/2019

What a season it has been watching The Block NZ 2019's four teams - Ethan & Sam, Sophia & Mikare, Stacy & Adam and Lisa & Ribz.

It took three months of hard work, but now all four teams have taken each of their houses to auction.

And the winner of The Block NZ for 2019 is Lisa & Ribz with Team Orange, Ethan & Sam, taking out the People's Choice Award.

First up on the auction block was Lisa & Ribz from Apartment 2. The pair made $1,340,000 - meaning that they took home $50,000 profit.

The boys from Team Orange followed them up. The boys made $0 profit after selling their apartment for $1,390,000.

Then it was Stacy & Adam, who chose the auction order. The pair from Apartment 1 had to be passed in during the live auction when it couldn't meet their reserve. Post-auction conclusion, the property was negotiated and sold with no profit at $1,480,000.

Finally Sophia & Mikare from the Penthouse stepped up to the auction block. The auction finished with the highest bid reaching $1,455,000, meaning, like Stacy & Adam's apartment, the Penthouse had to be passed in, and was still yet to sell post-auction.

Watch a walk-through of the four houses below.