Meghan Markle fights back tears as she opens up about the public scrutiny she's faced

goss 21/10/2019

In a recent interview with ITV the Meghan (formerly Markle), the Duchess of Sussex fought back tears as she spoke about some personal aspects of her life.

The interviewer asked her about how she coped with the intense public scrutiny she faced while pregnant, and still faces today!

People have shared messages of support for Meghan since the clip went viral online...

"I know it’s been hard on Meghan but seeing her trying not to say much made me cry for her. Getting married, being pregnant in a foreign country is though and it doesn’t help been shredded to pieces." one wrote.

"She doesn’t deserve all the vitriol that the country has thrown at her." Added another.

Many have taken the viral video as a cue to think more about what they might being saying and how it can affect other people.