Mum pleads for drivers to pay attention at stop signs after son's traumatic injury

NZ 24/10/2019

NZ Police have shared an incredibly powerful video urging Kiwi drivers to be safe over the long weekend (and all the time).

The video shows how 18 year old Cameron's life completely changed after he was hit by a vehicle who didn't stop at a stop sign.

"Cameron was on his restricted license and did everything right that night. He had just made prefect camp and was out with his friends," a NZ police spokesperson said.

"Cameron, obeying his license conditions, made sure he had driven home before 10pm. He got on his bike and re-joined his friends before the accident happened."

"All it can take is a single moment for so many lives to change. I hope people watch Cameron’s story and reflect on the decisions they make behind the wheel."

You can watch Cameron's story in the video above.