Pink & Reese Witherspoon share powerful message about choosing the right friends

goss 21/10/2019

Both Pink and Reese Witherspoon have recently shared the same powerful message about choosing friends who are positive and add to your life.

Reese shared the post originally, but Pink loved it so much that she shared it too!

The stars' message about friendship boils down to 3 main points...

  1. They should be reciprocal
  2. Don't drain you of your life force
  3. Fill your tank with love and energy

You can read the post in full in the Instagram post below...

Fans of both stars have been quick to praise the stars for sharing the message.

"Just got out a toxic relantionship. With her went all the mutual friends I made through her. I am at peace with myself! Great post. Love ya." one wrote.

"As you get older and your kids get older and more busy, it’s the low maintenance friendships that become the most sacred." added another.

We couldn't agree with Pink and Reese any more!

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