S Club 7 are planning a huge reunion to celebrate their 20th birthday

goss 29/10/2019

S Club 7 fans get ready to 'Bring It All Back' because the band is reportedly in talks to reunite for 2020.

A source close to the band said the group is discussing a reunion - something which hasn't happened since 2015.

"A lot of the bandmates are up for it. It's still early days but they are talking and fans may be in for a treat in 2020. It all makes perfect sense for a reunion celebrating 20 years of S Club 7," a source close to the band told The Mirror.

The band released its debut single 'Bring It All Back' in 1999 and rose to international fame.

However in 2002, Phil Cattermole left the band citing "creative differences".

A year later the group announced live onstage they would disband.

Earlier this year band member Rachel Stevens revealed she would definitely be interested in getting the band back together.

"We did do a reunion tour four years ago," Stevens told talk show host Lorraine Kelly in July.

"I would definitely do it again."

Bradley McIntosh, Jo O'Meara and Tina Barrett have been performing as S Club 3 since 2015. 

The trio played in Auckland in 2017. 

Former band-mates Rachel Stevens, Hannah Spearitt, Paul Cattermole and Jon Lee are all working on separate careers.