These are the top 10 slang words that Kiwis use the most

goss 10/10/2019

Yeah nah, it's no secret that us Kiwis have a pretty diverse vocabulary compared to the rest of the world!

From wearing our togs to the dairy to grab a scoop, to loading up the chilly bin full of snacks and drinks and going on a tiki tour. 

Everything is 'sweet as' or 'she'll be right' and we always make sure to say 'ta' when we say thanks.

But what is our most used slang words? iLoveNZ embarked on the journey to finding New Zealand’s ultimate slang word and after over 18.5K votes, they think they found it.

NZ's Top 10 Slang Words...

  1. Sweet as
  2. Knackered
  3. Togs
  4. Chilly Bin
  5. Yeah, Nah
  6. Yeah, Right
  7. Dairy
  8. Tiki Tour
  9. Gutted
  10.  Ta