Which Married at First Sight NZ 2019 couples stayed together?

goss 08/10/2019

The experiment is over, and the final decisions have been made!

Ten singles entered the social experiment, putting love on the line. But which of the five couples have stayed together, and who split before the final decision?

Watch the episodes on threenow.co.nz for more, and read more about the couples below.

Jordan & Anna

At the Vow Renewal: They both said yes!

When Cambridge-born Anna (25) sung her vows to rural Foxton lad Jordan (26), she described getting to know a person was like "making music". And the song for Anna & Jordan wasn't short of its noise. The couple has stuck together through a flirtatious fellow bride, Anna's sex-tape scandal, and then telling both sets of parents about the previously mentioned sex-tape scandal. In the end, Anna finally brought down her defences with nice-guy Jordan, he told her that he loved her, and their vow renewal ended on the happiest note.

Stefaan & Vicky

At the Vow Renewal: He said yes, but she said no. However, got together again after the experiement ended.

Primary school teacher Vicky (27) had her reservations on her groom Stefaan (26) who confessed that he hadn't had a relationship last more than two weeks. And by the time the final commitment ceremony came around, she still hadn't made up her mind about him but was willing to stay on. However, Vicky's uncertainty seemed to project onto Stefaan, who had almost written 'Leave' for his final commitment ceremony. So with all that confusion going into the vow renewal and a lot of doubt in Vicky's mind, she said no. However, two hours later she got in touch with Stefaan to check he was still okay - and since then, they've been back on!

Christopher & Rose

Didn't make it to vow renewal.

The oldest of the couples, 55-year-old Christopher and 45-year-old Rose both had a number of relationships and marriages under their belt. Both were hoping to find that lasting romance, but both couldn't overcome the lack of attraction (which may or may not have had anything to do with Chris's love of loud printed shirts). By the second commitment ceremony, both of them confessed to the experts that they just "don't dig each other." Both wrote leave, and Chris wore a shirt that said: "Two wrongs don't make a right." Nothing says a final statement like a printed tee.

Ray & Jono

Didn't make it to vow renewal.

The signs seemed good when the 31-year-olds were instantly attracted to each other on their wedding day. But by day two of the honeymoon, they were already fiercely arguing. The bickering never really stopped for the two grooms who struggled to see eye-to-eye. By the time hometown visits came around, both had finally decided to call it quits. Jono was last spotted dancing as Ray left the house, and left the relationship.

James & Carmen

At the Vow Renewal: Both said yes!

Yeah, boy! From the minute James fist-pumped as he saw his gorgeous bride Carmen, the 29-year-old Christchurch lad and 25-year-old Auckland gal have been "riding the wave" of happy relationship bliss. Whether it was their daily 'toolbox' check-ins, their matching "W Anchor" tattoos, their equally "chilled" personalities, or the fact that they couldn't keep their hands off each other - their feelings of "like" towards each other only grew stronger.

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