Thousands of Disney+ accounts hacked as streaming app launches in NZ

goss 19/11/2019

The launch of Disney's new streaming service has been rocked by thousands of accounts being hacked.

On Tuesday, Disney+ went live in New Zealand - a week after its US debut. 

But within hours of the launch, Disney+ users' accounts were hacked, reports business and technology news site ZDNET.

Disney+ has confirmed accounts are being hacked in a post on its website.

Ten million people from the US, Canada and the Netherlands signed up to the service with the first week and thousands of them have had their accounts jeopardised. 

Disney+ says a vast number of subscribers are being locked out of their accounts, which are then sold online.

"There are thousands of accounts currently available on sale on hacking forums," said Disney+ on Sundayr

"Some subscribers are saying they've been noticing strange names and additional profiles have been created and added to their account," said the streaming service.

The post warned users' about hackers using phishing to gain access to accounts.

By sending emails which appear to be from Disney+ hackers can trick people into revealing their usernames and passwords.

"If you get an email from Disney+ please check the email address is legit and if it is asking you to click a link, close the email down and go into a web browser to login directly," reads to post.

"If you can't log in, your account might have a problem, and if you can, there probably isn't a problem with your account."

The streaming site recommends not using the same password for multiple platforms.