Adam Sandler and Cole Sprouse have a 'Big Daddy' reunion after 21 years

goss 16/12/2019

How is this for an absolute blast from the past!?

After 21 years, stars of the 1999 hit film 'Big Daddy', Cole Sprouse and Adam Sandler have reunited!

The pair met up at the premiere of Sandler's most recent film 'Uncut Gems'.

Cole was just 6 years old when he starred alongside Adam. In the film, Adam's character chose to take care of the young 6 year old in an effort to impress his girlfriend - but the pair ended up forming an inseperable bond!

CinemaBlend recently reported asking Sandler if he'd ever consider working with Sprouse on a sequel to the iconic movie - to which he simply replied "I won't do that to him. He's doing fine."