Aussies are losing it over these new Lamington flavoured chips

goss 06/12/2019

Everybody's a fan of delicious snacks, and sometimes that can lead to some of the best combinations - coke flavoured lollies, caramel chocolate, chicken-salted chips, lamington flavoured... crisps? 

That's the latest creation from Australian chip brand Smiths, who have added a limited edition lamington flavour to its line-up.

"We know Australians are increasingly keen to try new flavours, and interest is growing in sweet and savoury combinations," said Smith's marketing director Olivia Sutherland in a statement.

"Our latest innovation combines a sweet, quintessentially Aussie cake with Australia's favourite potato chip. It seemed the perfect way to celebrate the Australian summer."

If you're wondering what a lamington chip tastes like, Sutherland says there are hints of chocolate, coconut, cream and butter.

But online commenters are predominantly unimpressed

On the official Smiths Facebook page, one asked the company to "just stick to the original". 

"Next we are going to have a 'world peace' flavoured chip," they added. 

"I am flabbergasted! What dead beat Aussie battler decided on a lammy chip? As a chip connoisseur myself I would not buy these half price. Please stick to the originals. They are Aussie in itself," another wrote. 

"No one asked for it and it's finally here! Smith's chips, bringing the stuff no one wanted," another snarkily wrote.