Here's what Kiwi's 'Googled' the most of in 2019

goss 12/12/2019

What someone searches on the internet can say alot about their personality. So when you combine the entire countries search history together, it paints a fairly good picture.

Google have released a list of the things that Kiwi's Googled the most of in 2019.

Alot of Kiwi's asked Google, what is a boomer, what is Black Friday, what is Momo and a lot of us were even keen to find out how to make guacamole and learn more about plant based diets... But overall these were our top Google searchers for 2019.

  1. Rugby World Cup
  2. New Zealand vs England
  3. Cricket World Cup
  4. Christchurch Shooting
  5. Stuff News NZ
  6. Spark Sport
  7. Australia vs Pakistan
  8. Australia Open 2019
  9. Disney Plus
  10. Grace Millane

It definitely says a lot about what 2019 has been like for Kiwis!