This 'Packed To The Rafters' actor has chosen not to return for the reboot

goss 10/12/2019

Late last week it was confirmed that the popular Aussie TV drama 'Packed To The Rafters' would be making a comeback next year.

Streaming service 'Amazon Prime' is behind the reboot which picks up 6 years on from when we last saw the family in 2013.

"Dave and Julie have created a new life in the country with youngest daughter Ruby, while the older Rafter children face new challenges and Grandpa Ted struggles to find his place." the streaming company said.

"As Dave enjoys his new found freedom, Julie must reconcile her responsibilities to the family. They might not be under the same roof, but the same honesty, love and laughter bonds them more tightly now than ever before."

While most of the cast are said to return, not all of them will be doing so...

James Stewart, the actor who played Jake Barton, will not be returning due to personal reasons. While working on the show, the actor fell in love with his co-star Jessica Marais (who played Rachel Rafter), but the pair have since split.

"James would find it incredibly awkward to star opposite his ex-fiance Jessica Marais on the show where they fell in love," a source told Woman’s Day.

"They might be on good terms for the sake of their daughter Scout, but to be castmates again would be too weird."

Luckily the rest of the cast is on board, this will definitely be one to watch in 2020!