The Block NZ

The Block NZ: Firehouse - Monday - Wednesday at 7:30pm and Sunday nights at 7pm on Three.

The Block NZ crown their winners for 2021 after grand auction final

It's been a VERY long season but we're finally here!


The Block NZ, Masked Singer NZ and more return to TV in 2022

You haven't heard the last of 'Tools Down'!


The Block NZ listings are live to look at before the auction grand final

Take a peek before the four houses go under the hammer!


The Block NZ confirms the rescheduled Grand Auction Final date for 2021

Put the date in your calendars, the highly anticipated finale is coming!


The Block NZ announce when the houses will finally be going under the hammer

We can't wait to see the four Point Chevalier houses go to auction and see what team takes home the grand prize of $100,000!


'Tools Down' The Block NZ delays auction final

The live auction was originally scheduled for September 5th.


The Block NZ disqualifies teams caught breaking competition rules

Here's trouble...


The Block NZ's Team Yellow sub out injured Keegan with new teammate

It's another first for The Block NZ this year!


The Block NZ's Mark Richardson tells off teams after strategic scoring goes too far

"I don't think I need to be Issac Newton to know what's gone on here."


The Block NZ has its first team member swap in show history

The Block teams are now returning for 2021 - except for one person...


Tools Down - Let's Meet This Year's 2021 Block New Zealand Teams

Who's taking over The Block in 2021?


The Block NZ is returning to our screens but who are the new judges?

The Block New Zealand has revealed three new judges for it's ninth season which starts on the 14th of June. Let's get to know them...


The Block NZ announce the new 2021 teams

This year sees The Block NZ in Auckland's Point Chevalier.


The Block NZ and Dancing with the Stars announce 2021 reschedule

Blockaholics and dance fanatics will have to wait for their fix!


Preparations for the next season of The Block NZ underway

Demolition has begun on the rumoured new site.


The Block NZ winners Lisa & Ribz on their upcoming 'Ribz' Shack' and entering again

This year's winning team has some advice for any wannabe Blockaholics who want to be part of Season 9.


'Give A Little' pages set-up for The Block NZ contestants after shocking finale

Fans were not happy how this season ended!


Trade Me predicts who will win The Block NZ 2019

Will Trade Me's predictions translate to this Sunday's auction?


Team achieves the first perfect score on The Block NZ: Firehouse

Eight weeks in and a team has scored the perfect 20.


Flynny apologises to Sam for his "mean judging" on The Block NZ

After some time to reflect, Flynny needed to say a few words to Sam.


Flynny channels his inner "tough judge" on The Block NZ's 'Block Stars'

Not everyone can be the Simon Cowell on The Block NZ's 'Block Stars'


The Block NZ's Amy & Stu predict this year's winners of The Block NZ: Firehouse

Do last year's winners think they can spot who will be #1?


Team is caught and disqualified after breaking The Block NZ rules

There's real trouble on The Block NZ this week...


The Block NZ's Stacy and Adam talk about The Block NZ showers and reality TV realness

Stacy and Adam popped into the studio to chat with Polly & Grant about all things The Block NZ.


Winning team Amy & Stu return to compete on The Block NZ

Team Gizzy has returned!


The Block NZ: Firehouse is getting a fifth team

Things are going to get hotter on The Block NZ...


The Block NZ teams blow up at each other in first angry 'Block Collective' meeting

Second week on The Block and the arguments are taking place...


Meet The Block NZ: Firehouse teams

Four teams will tackle five apartments set in a fire station in Kingsland, Auckland.


The Block NZ Firehouse could be seeking a final 5th team

The eighth season of The Block NZ is set to be the biggest one ever.


Did The Block NZ accidentally reveal their next location?

Looks like we already know the location for The Block NZ 2019.


The Block NZ winners Amy & Stu share how they'll spend their winnings

The couple walked away with almost $200,000!


The Block NZ crowns its winners for 2018

After months of hard work, we finally have our winner of The Block NZ 2018.


9 year old hilariously judges each of The Block NZ houses

This young Blockaholic really doesn't hold back in his judging.


Trade Me predicts who will win The Block NZ 2018

They were spot on last year!


Amy & Stu receive a costly punishment for breaking The Block NZ rules

If you're going to break the rules, there will always be a price to pay.


The Block NZ's Chlo and Em have their embarrassing toilet blockage revealed on TV

Blockage on The Block!


Former Block NZ winner makes a return to the show after Ben gets stood down

The back up has been called!


The Block NZ's Claire and Agni refuse to accept apology from "disrespectful" team

Tensions are high on The Block NZ...


The Block NZ's Amy & Stu shed tears over the show's biggest difficulty

The couple can't deny the struggle they have being on the TV show.


Rival team saves The Block NZ's Chlo from choking

Laughter quickly turned into a panic on The Block NZ.


Meet the teams from The Block NZ 2018

The Block NZ is back for 2018!


The Block NZ's Big Dyls introduces his new baby girl

Fan favourite 'Big Dyls' from The Block NZ has introduced his daughter, Bloem Isla Cossey, to the world!


The Block NZ star's family loss during filming

Best friends Stace & Yanita decided to turn their fundraised givealittle money to charity after Stace sadly lost a family member during The Block NZ.


Stace & Yanita open up about The Block NZ controversial auction

Block stars Stace and Yanita have spoken out for the first time since the controversial auction night.


The Block NZ’s Stace & Yanita accept Givealittle donations for bigger cause

Stace & Yanita have thanked fans for their support with their Givealittle page.


Stace makes jabs at The Block NZ after controversial auction

Emotions are still high for this Block contestant.


Host Mark Richardson on what happened in "heartbreaking" Block NZ auction

"It was a tough night, one of the most difficult moments I've ever been associated with."


The Block NZ crowns its 2017 winner

It was all on the hammer tonight!


Vote: Who do you think will win The Block NZ?

It's crunch time!


Trade Me predicts who could win The Block NZ for 2017

No doubt the teams will be getting nervous now!