Team is caught and disqualified after breaking The Block NZ rules

The Block NZ 14/07/2019

It was a dramatic master bedroom and ensuite week on The Block NZ: Firehouse when a team were disqualifed from winning this week's $10,000 prize.

Blue team Sophia & Mikaere were swiftly eliminated from this week's room reveal after audio and video footage caught Mikaere still working after the final 'tools down' time limit.

"Babe, no! Hon, don't. Don't put it in," Sophia is heard pleading to Mikaere as he handles a power drill. "Don't worry" he responds. "Hon, just don't worry."

But the cheating goes further than that, with furniture moved and artwork unwrapped, and Mikaere spotted deliberately removing a camera.

It was a painful disqualification for the couple, who had put everything on the line to demolish their apartment's third bedroom to create a 'mega-master bedroom'. They were also unable to find out what score their room would have received from the judges.

However, the "salt" was truly added to the "wound" when room reveal winners Lisa & Ribz deliberately used the Blue Team's cheating scandal to reason their long-awaited $5000 steal from Sophia & Mikaere's budget.

The controversial move may play a larger rift between the two teams as they're about to head into Dinner Wars week on The Block NZ. 

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