The Block NZ: Firehouse is getting a fifth team

The Block NZ 28/06/2019

The Firehouse is set to get a bit of a shake-up with a fifth team confirmed to be entering The Block NZ.

After rumours earlier in the year suggested the five-apartment building could mean five teams, The Block NZ Facebook page verified a 'Team Black' will take part this season - joining in during the third week of competition.

The fifth apartment, which was also mentioned in the first episode of the season, is located at the very back of the Firehouse complex. None of the current teams are working in the same apartment.

With a silhouette as their only clue, Blockaholic fans are already tossing their suggestions on who this Team Black could be.

Popular suggestions have been the judges becoming their own team, a brand new Girls team, or teams from previous seasons, like Ben & Tom who featured in last year's tease about The Block NZ: Firehouse.

The identity of the fifth team is to be revealed during this week's episodes.

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