Trade Me predicts who will win The Block NZ 2019

The Block NZ 04/09/2019

Trade Me have put forward their annual predictions for this year's The Block NZ: Firehouse winners.

This season will see four apartments go under the hammer - and while one apartment has more "views" than the other, it doesn't necessarily mean they will become the winner of the season.

Based on Trade Me auction views, Sophie and Mikaere's penthouse apartment is the most popular, with more than 43,000 views. This is followed by Lisa and Ribz's 2nd floor apartment with 38,000 views on Trade Me.

Closely followed behind are Stacy and Adam's first floor apartment with 34,000 views, then Ethan and Sam's with 33,000.

Historically, most Block houses with the most views on Trade Me don't win the show, and statistically, most winners have been those with the third-most viewed property. This would see Stacy and Adam potentially taking out the whole competition!

However, other stats have seen five out of seven winners been those from the 'Purple' team, while the last two winners of 2017 and 2018 were team Yellow.

So the odds could weigh well for Stacy and Adam of Team Purple, or Lisa and Ribz of Team Yellow.

But the only way to be sure is to watch this coming Sunday night's auction finale...

The Block NZ: Firehouse auction finale will be live on Three from 7pm this Sunday.

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