'Handmaid's Tale' creator opens up about the future of the hit TV show

goss 13/01/2020

The Handmaid's Tale is without a doubt one of the most popular TV shows of recent times, so its no surprise fans are eager for more of it.

Season 3 ended on a bit of a cliffhanger - but it sounds like we might have to wait a bit longer before we get any new episodes.

"We'll start with start principal photography March 2, and we'll be on in the *spring*," the producer of the show said.

"We have not planned Season 4 to be the end, but we also look to Margaret [Atwood]'s book The Testaments and know that that story takes us 15 years into the future," he continued.

"But I think we want to keep the bar high, and it would not be a bad thing to leave the audience wanting more and then we could ideally shift into The Testaments."

He also spoke about the theory that the new book The Testaments, will eventually become the base for a follow-up TV show of the same name.

"Well, if you read the book, then the book is in concert with what we've done. And so, there would be an end to Handmaid's, and you would leap to 15 years later into Testaments," he said.

"So, I think they are linked, without a doubt, they're linked, but ... I think we want to embrace the shift where we go to that world, and it is 15 years later. I think that could be real interesting in how much has changed. How different is it? I think that's part of the massive intrigue of the book."

Even though we still have a while to wait, we're sure it'll be worth it!