Amy Schumer shocks Oprah with 'TMI' confession about her bowel movements

goss 21/01/2020

"We are warriors. All of us," Amy said. "I mean, for real. That is what I learned. I didn’t just learn how strong I was. I really learned as a whole how strong women are. And, you know, men are great, too, and that’s awesome, and you guys can throw a touchdown. But can you make a baby? We can make a baby with our body."

Amy also continued to chat with the talkshow host about her recent IVF journey.

"I had my egg retrieval on Monday," she said, "which is also the last time I pooped. I said I wasn’t gonna say it, but I did. Yeah, can’t poop after."

Side-stepping the question, Oprah asked Amy about her family...

"What’s the dream for your family?" Oprah asked. "Will you share that?"

"I will," Amy replied. "And that is such a beautiful question. But before that dream for my family, my dream for myself is that I poop today."

"Like, it’s just sitting there. It’s not right. It’s not right... And I know what you’re all thinking. I’ve tried everything. I’ve tried prunes. I didn’t have Smooth Move Tea, but I’m going to. But I was scared if I had it that it would hit right while I was here. And that’s not part of anyone’s vision for 2020."

Although she was shocked at the time, Oprah then went on her Instagram to share a behind the scenes video of her and Amy discussing her bowel habits further.

"Listen, I heard @amyschumer hadn’t 💩 and I thought it was TMI—but then she told a sold-out arena about it and apparently people love to talk about 💩 (or not)." Oprah wrote online.

"Amy, thank you so much for spending your Saturday making US laugh and sharing your journey through motherhood, marriage, and yes 💩."

Check out the videos Oprah posted in the Instagram post below...