Fans stunned by Rebel Wilson's continued weight loss results

goss 09/01/2020

Aussie actress Rebel Wilson is making 2020 her 'Year of Health', and fans are feeling encouraged after she showed the results of her healthier lifestyle.

The 'Cats' actress told her Instagram followers that she planned to "avoid the sugar and junk food" after indulging during the silly season.

But her fans were most encouraged by the photos she posted in her activewear as her healthier lifestyle has had fans dub her as "2020 inspo".

"I'm so proud of you!! You look fantastic already with your weight loss," one fan said.

"You look great, you look absolutely beautiful beforehand and still now. Such a role model," another agreed.

"Rebel, you look amazing! But most of all you look happy and that’s the most important!"

2020 marks a decade since Rebel Wilson made the risky decision to move to Hollywood "with just one suitcase and a doona in my hand," she told fans.

"I couldn't be prouder of all the films, TV shows and live performances I've done since then and all the wonderful people I've met along the journey who have helped and supported me. I appreciate you all so much. Can't wait to see what this next decade brings!"