Harry Potter fans gutted after Netflix removes all of the films

goss 17/01/2020

Harry Potter fans across New Zealand and Australia have been left "so disappointed" after all eight of the famous films abruptly vanished from the streaming platform. 

Netflix made an apology to perturbed customers on Twitter, explaining "licensing fantastic movies is a beast". 

"I solemnly swear that I'm sorry for not letting you know that Harry Potter was leaving Netflix ANZ," the tweet read. 

Netflix added that it "wished they could keep them all. (Especially Azkaban, the best one, don't @ me)". 

The tweet concluded with a link to Netflix's licensing information page, which points to a variety of reasons why a show might leave the platform. Netflix only acquires rights for TV shows and movies for a limited time, and when it comes to renewing the licence, sometimes the rights are no longer available for purchase, or are too expensive. 

The website claims that viewers will get a heads up if a show or movie is about to expire - however, disgruntled Twitter users said they were caught off-guard. 

"Was literally halfway through a movie and then it just disappeared off my continue watching. Not cool," one tweet read, followed by a crying face emoji. 

"I'M SO UNLUCKY. I legit started watching the whole series last week. I was up to harry potter 4 smh," said another. 

Some fans even threatened to "obliviate" their Netflix accounts.