Hilary Barry brilliantly claps back at viewer who tells her to 'dress her age'

goss 24/01/2020

TV host Hilary Barry gave a brilliant and inspirational response to a viewer after they criticised the way she dressed.

Posting to Facebook, 'Jocelyn' wrote a message telling the Seven Sharp host that it was "time Hilary acted and dressed to her age," and that her outfit didn't suit "old women", pointing out the black off-shoulder top the 50-year-old was wearing in her new publicity shoot.

Despite the criticism and general mean tone of Jocelyn's comment, Hilary used it as an example to encourage 'age-shaming' to stop.

"Jocelyn's feedback on our new Seven Sharp photo got me thinking," Hilary posted on Instagram.

"I'm not offended to be called a street worker. I'm not offended to be called old. I'm not even offended that you can't stand me on tv.

"What I do take exception to is being told to act and dress my age. I am a 50-year-old woman who will continue to wear exactly what I like."

Adding, "Enough with the age-shaming. I'm embracing life. I'm pro-ageing not anti-ageing."

Hilary's post had many fellow women praise her graceful style of dress and style of response.

Ex-Shortland Street actress Claire Chitham commented "Yes Hills! Age is a myth that needs to be debunked by strong, sexy, femme-tastic women like yourself. Iā€™m bumping hips right beside you."

And Kiwi chef Annabel Langbein also added, "I'm with you Hilary šŸ˜Š."

We are as well - here's to being pro-ageing too!