Lady Gaga's mum says the star was bullied for being unique growing up

goss 31/01/2020

In a recent interview with Today, Lady Gaga's mum has opened up about the star's childhood.

Gaga was heavily bullied in her younger days, larger because of her unique personality and way of looking at things. This lead to mental health issues for the 'Shallow' hitmaker in her teen years.

"In middle school, because she was unique, she started experiencing a lot of struggles." Gaga's mum said.

"You know, feeling isolated from events. Humiliated. Taunted… She would start to question herself and become doubtful of her own abilities and that’s when she developed depression."

She added that her and her husband tried to help, but felt they didn't have the tools they needed to help her deal with her mental health.

"I felt where I made mistakes was I didn’t really know the warning signs to look for."

Although it would've been tough at the time, Gaga clearly didn't let the bullies stop her - look at how far she's come now!