Pink writes heartfelt 'open letter to herself' about getting older

goss 21/01/2020

One of the reasons we love Pink so much is her honesty, and its good to see that in 2020 the Pink we know and love is still here.

In a recent Twitter thread, the star has shared a heartfelt 'letter to myself' about the aging process...

As you can imagine, Pink fans widely praised her for her candid message.

"I can’t thank you enough for being you. You changed my life and continue to inspire me every day." one fan said in reply.

"You do realise everything you tweeted just now would make a perfect song." another fan added.

"You may not have relied on your looks just your incredible talent... However you are one of the rare few artists that are both beautiful inside and out!" someone else said.

Just another reason to love Pink!