Bunnings' 'Plant Promise' lets you return plants even if you've killed them

goss 25/02/2020

As all plant mamas and papas know, it's a job that comes with a lot of responsibility. Looking after a plant can be tricky, leaving you cursing the off-colour of their leaves, or begging them to stay alive for one more day. 

If you've left your Snake Plant in too much sun/not enough sun/overwatered it/underwatered it, or distressed your plant baby in some other way - don't fear.

As it turns out, Bunnings has a 12-month return policy on all their plants - even if you kill them. 

The 'perfect plant promise' on the Bunnings NZ page reads: "All our plants (except seedlings) are guaranteed for 12 months. If you’re not 100 percent happy, return your plant (with receipt or tax invoice) and we’ll refund it".

This will be welcome news to those of us that can barely keep a succulent alive, but assume the rubbish bin is the only place for the corpse. 

They're not the only store to offer a little insurance with your purchase. Popular Auckland chain King's Plant Barn offers a 'Sure to Grow Guarantee'.

"This means that if for some reason one of our plants fails to grow, we'll replace it free and offer the necessary advice to ensure that it thrives in the future," the site reads.  

Meanwhile, if you're looking for a new plant that's hard to kill, take note of this piece of advice on the Bunnings Instagram page. 

'Mother-in-law's Tongue' is a low maintenance number which "only needs to be watered when the soil is dry". 

Happy growing everyone!