Disney reportedly making a live-action remake of 'Lilo & Stitch'

goss 07/02/2020

Disney have made a slew of 'live-action remakes' of some of their biggest films in recent years, but now it seems they've got their next production in the works!

The team behind the 2019 version of 'Aladdin' are reportedly making a live-action version of the 2002 film 'Lilo Stitch'.

Lilo & Stitch is set on the islands of Hawaii and tells the story of how a lonely young girl (Lilo) makes friends with an unlikely alien (Stitch)

"The remake is said to follow the same story as the animated film that followed a young girl’s close encounter with the galaxy’s most wanted extraterrestrial." The Disinsider reports.

There are no release dates attached to the project at the moment, but it will be interesting to see how they pull this one together!