Dwayne Johnson shares the powerful eulogy he gave at his father's funeral

goss 10/02/2020

Earlier on this year Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's father sadly passed away. Rocky 'The Soulman' Johnson was age 75 and his passing was sudden and unexpected.

In a recent post on his Instagram, 'The Rock' has shared a brief tribute to his father as well as a video of his full and powerful eulogy.

"Dad, you lived a full and meaningful life." Dwayne wrote. "You trail blazed and even harder, you changed people’s harsh behaviors toward a man of color. Paving the way for me, my family and generations to come. You were taken too fast. Slipped right thru my hands."

"But you were so loved, lived so full, defined culture and now you rest high. Peacefully. And that makes my heart smile. I love you and now I have an angel to call by name. I’ll see you down the road, Soulman.
Til we meet again. Your son."

You can watch the eulogy in full in the video below...