Fans defend Gordon Ramsay after he's accused of putting baby Oscar in danger

goss 05/02/2020

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is currently on holiday with his family in the UK.

His wife Tana has shared a video of their time away, showing Gordon with their baby son Oscar, born last april, sitting on his shoulders.

While most people took the video for what it was, others hit out at Gordon for putting Oscar in danger...

"Okay watching this gave me WAY too much anxiety. I was convinced the baby was going flying." one person wrote.

"Hang on there... That looks very slippery." said a second.

"Could you imagine if you fell, the injuries your wee boy would’ve had." added another.

But others were quick to jump to the defense of the star...

"Gordon is more than capable at keeping his child safe. The worst that could have happened was all of them getting wet, or falling onto sand." said another.

"The wood is not fixed in concrete, even if the child fell on the wood, it would have bounced." added someone else.

Whil another simply stated "Parenting police out, in force."

Do you think Gordon did anything wrong in this situation?