Gordon Ramsay looks unrecognisable after dressing up as a woman for kitchen takeover

goss 17/02/2020

After all of this time, Gordon Ramsay is still going into people's kitchens and turning them on their heads.

But for his new show '24 Hours to Hell & Back', Gordon has donned a disguise to mislead the owners of the restaurant he's set to critique.

His transformation has gone viral online, with some fans even comparing his new look to Mrs Doubtfire!

"You look like a beautiful lady!" gushed one person.

"Sorry Gordon, but I would still recognize you - even with the hat and all that makeup!" added another.

"You make a frightening woman." a fan wrote.

While he was dressed up, Gordon took the chance to give his kids a bit of a fright by video-calling them - check out the video of it below...