Kiwi chocolate lovers aren't sold on the new 'Snifters Lumps'

goss 13/02/2020

For many lolly lovers, the now discontinued 'Snifters' mint chocolate treats will always hold a special place in their hearts. That's why when Pascall teased the return of the classic Kiwi treat, fans were over the moon!

But after a recent announcement from Pascall, some people are feeling a bit let down by the news that 'Snifters' won't be back in their original form, but instead as a new flavour of 'Pineapple Lumps'.

"We’ve seen a lot of excitement with recent collaborations, such as Perky Nana Lumps, which combined Perky Nana with the iconic Pineapple Lumps," a spokesperson said.

"Knowing this has been such a winning combination, we’ve been looking at additional ways in which we can continue to surprise and delight our Kiwi fans. Bringing Snifters together with Pineapple Lumps is one of the exciting ways in which we are doing this."

The reaction online has been mixed...

"How disappointing... We want the actual flipping snifter, not some glorified peppy chew. So your not bringing back Snifters at all!?" one person wrote.

"We want the real thing! We. Want. Snifters! Not your fake 'snifter flavoured lumps'" added another.

While some fans were hard on the news, others were over the moon - saying they'd take this version of Snifters over nothing!

Snifters Lumps are available in select stores from today.