Packed To The Rafters star won't be returning for the reboot due to 'personal reasons'

goss 12/02/2020

Late last year it was confirmed that a reboot of the popular Aussie drama 'Packed to the Rafters' was on the way. Amazon is developing the TV show which is set to hit screens sometime in 2020.

Most of the original cast is set to return, but now we know of one star who won't be making a comeback.

James Stewart, the actor who played Jake Barton, announced last year he wouldn't be returning to the show - and now it seems neither will his ex wife Jessica Marais. The actress played the role of Rachel Rafter on the show. The pair first met and fell in love when they were filming the original show and have one child together. 

In a recent statement the production company said "Jessica Marais has decided to step away from the new series Back to the Rafters for personal reasons."

"She thanks everyone involved on the show for their ongoing support and love, especially her ‘Rafter’s family’, and sends them her very best wishes for the production."

Lucky the show has such a large cast of great characters to fill the void - but we'll definitely miss Rachel and Jake!