Pink claps back at critics who said JLo and Shakira's Halftime Show was too 'raunchy'

goss 07/02/2020

Earlier on this week Jennifer Lopez and Shakira rocked out with an incredible performance at the SuperBowl Halftime show in the USA.

The two acts sang some of their greatest hits and shook their booties in a way one would expect of such a huge gig.

While most people praised the pair's performance, there were some who were not so impressed...

"I am embarrased for my kids to watch this halftime show... What the hell." one angry viewer wrote. "Stripper poles, crotch, and rear end shots... No dignity. Shame on you Jennifer Lopez and Shakira!"

Having enough of seeing the haters lash out at the stars, Pink jumped in poking fun at them with a cheeky meme on her Instagram account. 

"Bahahahahaha Spectating is a contact sport" the star wrote.

Pink's fans seemed to share her sentiment, many of them wrote in the comments how much they loved her funny take on things!

If you missed it you can watch Shakira and JLo's Halftime performance below...